Air in all its forms has been our passion for over thirty years.

Aerservice deals with the identification and realisation of solutions to improve air quality in working environments for industry, welding and automotive sectors. We base our competitive force on the relationship between experience, range of products, innovation and commercial service: the objective is to offer solutions able to satisfy every kind of need regarding ventilation, depuration, aspiration and safety.

Aerservice constantly works to improve the innovation of its products and it stands out for a scrupulous commercial service characterized by a strong consulting approach, pre and post sales. From the beginning, we realized that the sensitivity towards the environmental conditions in the working environments was meant to grow. For this reason, still today our objective is to realize equipment and instruments which allow to respect safety regulations on the workplace and to protect people’s health.

Aerservice is active in more than fifty countries in the world.

Every industrial activity changes over time and according to the different sensibilities at the country market level. Also for this reason, innovation is one of the strengths of Aerservice, which invests in research and development in order to always offer to the market new solutions, highly performing and suitable for every kind of context.
Aerservice works to improve operators' safety in working environments, protecting their health and helping companies to respect the existing rules.
Aerservice products are the result of a research activity and technologic development, oriented to energy saving and environmental protection.