R-M is a premium paint brand in the automotive refinish industry that is customer driven and promotes profitability through best solutions and environmental awareness

The R-M philosophy The R-M philosophy is based on a global offer that is geared towards the long-term profitability of its bodyshop customers, by developing innovative, user-friendly paint systems that provide the flexibility bodyshops need to increase throughput and profitability by reducing material consumption and process times, while at the same time, respecting the environment

Perfection made simple

There are two things that count for painters: the best materials, and when, how and where valuable time-savings can be made. Easier application, better covering power, higher gloss, faster drying times, outstanding finish and improved environmental compatibility have always been the standards by which we measure all our innovations.
R-M is providing indispensable aids with trend-setting color matching systems such as Color Explorer, Colormaster and Colortronic 2 allowing you to meet future challenges with ease.
R-M’s Programs For Success is a suite of business analysis tools which enable you to implement recommendations to improve the efficiency and profitability of your bodyshop.
The R-M philosophy is strongly focused on ensuring that our customers become increasingly profitable.